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American Apparel bring LA to London, African fashion designers burst onto Brick Lane, summer-inspired graffiti and surf exhibitions, sneaker shopping, designer discounts, independent food traders and internship opportunities.

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Caboose at Ely's Yard
Joining the ever varied and frankly droolworthy selection of food traders in Ely's Yard is Caboose, a British Smokehouse and Street Restaurant.

Newly established by old friends James, James and Gandalf, Caboose is named after the last carriage on an old fashioned train – traditionally the space where the workers could kick back, eat and sleep. The guys built the replica Caboose by hand (in a three-and-a-bit month mission that left them no time themselves to kick back, eat, or sleep) out of mostly vintage wood reclaimed from a Victorian house in Kentish Town, and the vibe is ‘log cabin’ with hand restored fixtures and fittings.
A rather grubby James fitting the partition cages seperating kitchen and dining space
James Cutting down external cladding

There’s space inside for 12 people to (cosily) sit inside and enjoy a coffee (James, James and Gandalf have sourced and roasted their own blend) or a meal – a rarity in the world of street traders – and they’ve cunningly squeezed every inch of space from their little carriage. But of course, the food comes first.
4 Weeks of Coffee tasting!
Salad testing
Provenance and sustainability are hugely important to James, James and Gandalf and so they visited a series of farms before deciding on a meat supplier. They have selected Dingly Dell and Deadham Vale farms for the welfare of the animals and quality of the meat, which is then rubbed and marinated for at least 12 hours before being smoked low and slow over mesquite or hickory wood chips for 12-15 hours (depending on the cut), ensuring the perfect texture and hit of flavour.
Visit to Dingly Dell Farm: Oink!
The Caboose crew’s love of slow smoked meats stems from the time they have spent in the southern states of America – now transported, with a twist, to Ely's Yard. The menu changes frequently; at the moment, in honour of the weather, think British barbeque with a twist. So prepare yourselves for marinated and slow roasted pork shoulder or rack of beef, fresh beetroot, red cabbage and carrot slaw, homemade barbeque sauce, date and apricot relish, freshly prepared salads with individual dressings, and lightly spiced and chargrilled veg.
- Yes please! -
In the box: Lemon zest , parsley and marjoram potato salad. Romaine lettuce, rocket, endive and chicory leaves with a valdespino sherry vinegrette. A red cabbage, beetroot and carrot slaw with a sweet maple and Chardonnay dressing - topped with caramelised pecans. Lightly spiced chargrilled asparagus and courgettes.
In the bun: Short rib of deadham vale beef smoked over mesquite for 15 hours served in a freshly
baked bun with oak lettuce and a date and mango relish.
Caboose are now trading in Ely's Yard and looking forward to developing their menu as the seasons progress. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s looking forward to trying it all!

Thank you Caboose!
We're very happy to welcome you guys to The Old Truman Brewery!

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Written by Zoe Sharp @zoelissima / Editor & Designer Libby Mor @ByLibs

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