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The Truman Brewery Business Directory
* The Truman Brewery has become the creative hub of London's East End. Today more than 700 small, creative businesses are housed in the Brewery. Fashion designers, artists and DJ's work alongside graphic designers, architects, advertising companies, digital marketing companies, recording and photographic studios, as well as many public facing businesses including retail, restaurant, bar and market trader offerings.

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Stolenspace Gallery - 17 Osborn St, London E1 6TD
StolenSpace gallery exhibits a genre of work that has been variously labelled as ‘Underground Art’, ‘Street Art’ or ‘Urban Art’. None of these terms satisfactorily represent our artists’ work and so we prefer not to pigeonhole it. Some of our artists have a background in graffiti and street art, but not exclusively - all however, are influenced by society‘s prevailing subculture where there are few rules and anything is possible. StolenSpace lets in the life-giving vitality of this environment that has long been overlooked by galleries and museums.
Telephone: (0) 207 247 2684
Email: info@stolenspace.com
Website: www.stolenspace.com  
Conor Harrington
Conor Harrington is from Cork, Ireland and is currently living and working in London. Harrington is interested in the transient aspect of graffiti and draws parallels between these urban traces and human migration. Within the work this manifests in the way which Harrington treats the figure. In contrast to the smooth realism, large areas seem to be receding or being erased which creates a dialogue between presence and absence. Conor on his work: I paint the male figure, referring to the masculinity of urban culture. I am interested in the dynamics between opposing elements. Aerosol and oils, abstraction and figuration, concrete and canvas, chaos and control.
Telephone: 02072472684
Website: www.conorharrington.com  
Holger Pooten Photography
Holger Pooten is a German born, London based photographer who works internationally to produce both personal and commercial work. His photographs are stylised and often focus on the transitional and seemingly impossible moments in a dark and surrealistic style. Holger has worked for numerous international clients like Adidas, BMW, Intel, Nikon, Sony Ericsson and his pictures have been featured in magazines like 125 Magazine, Intersection, Vogue and The Guardian. He is currently working on multiple projects involving portraiture and landscape photography.
Telephone: (0)78 1773 0683
Email: contact@holgerpooten.com
Website: www.holgerpooten.com/#  
Marta Literska Fashion photographer & Director
I am a fashion and portrait photographer specialising in campaign, lookbook and content shoots.
Telephone: 07856923802
Email: martaliterska@yahoo.co.uk
Website: www.martaliterska.co.uk  
Anything World
Anything World is the leading AI powered 3D rigging and animation service that empowers users to build limitless living worlds. The platform allows creators to request, see, manipulate and experience anything they can think of in 3D, with animations and behaviours applied; a key component is the combination of voice computing with behavioural intelligence. Experiences created with Anything Word include Avatar Runner, Ministry Of Sound 30 Years Snap Lens, Coheed and Cambria, Ubisoft Rabbids and the Pink Planet Experience.
Email: hello@anything.world
Website: /anything.world/  
Toy Soldier Films Ltd
Media Production. Bespoke, creative video content, specialising in commercials, documentaries and events.
Telephone: +44 77 1256 1256
Email: william@toysoldierfilms.com
Website: toysoldierfilms.com  
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