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Event Spaces at The Truman Brewery
Our event spaces have played host to an eclectic mix of events on numerous occasions, from conferences and tradeshows, exhibitions, product launches, fashion shows, photo shoots and filming, through to ground breaking ambient and experiential marketing.

From the stunning Grade II listed Boiler House, home to the landmark Truman Chimney, to outdoor spaces such as Ely's Yard, and our formidable Events Warehouse - F BLOCK - The Truman Brewery provides versatile and multipurpose event spaces and locations benefitting from heavy footfall and supported by a fine infrastructure of independent shops, bars, cafes and restaurants unparallel in London.
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U Block
Fashion Shows / Events / Pillarless Spaces /

+44(0)20 7770 6100
U Block is a repurposed warehouse set back from Brick Lane. This blank canvas event space benefits from a high sloped ceiling from 6.5m to 4.5m, polished concrete flooring and no pillars offering maximum flexibility for all event types. The space well suited for large set builds, fashion shows and film screenings as well as pop up markets, product launches and exhibitions.
Location   U Block is located on the east side of the Truman Brewery Estate, on Brick Lane.
Access Guest access is via Brick Lane.
Loading access is via Brick Lane Yard to the rear of the building.
Services The space is serviced by 3 sets of roller shutters, one on Brick Lane, one to the rear of the building, and one to the side of the building opening to Brick Lane Yard. 2 x male toilets plus urinals, and 5 x female toilets.
Comms The Truman Brewery's dedicated onsite service provider, TruTec Services, can easily provide support, networking, telephony and internet connectivity to this location.
Power Main Distribution Board:
1 x 32A 3 Phase C Form Socket.
1 x 16A Single Phase C Form Socket.
1 x 63A 3 Phase C Form Socket (Max 50A).
4 x 32A Single Phase C Form Socket (at high level).

Commando Distribution Board:
1 x 63A 3 Phase C Form Socket.
11 x 32A Single Phase C Form Socket.

Sub Distribution Board (Fed from Commando)
9 x 32A Single Phase C Form Socket.
Twin 13A Sockets throughout.
Lighting Striplights.
Capacity 600, subject to event specifics.
> Floor: Street Level / Ground floor.
> Size: 7621 sq ft
> Height: 5.5