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Cutting-edge art technology ‘Re-Create’ is brought to London for the first time offering a new visual outlook on Hokusai’s 18th century Tokyo work and other iconic pieces of art by the world famous artist.

Re-Create is a new innovation which enables old pieces of art to have a new lease of life by being infused with modern media. The brainchild of a molecular biologist, this is by no means restoring art work or simply imitating it, this is the process of using digital imaging technology which allows the artwork to re-gain the colour and detail which it would have had when it was first produced.
The first half of the exhibition introduces you to some of the most iconic pieces of art by the Japanese master Katsushika Hokusai. A main theme surrounding them is Mount Fiji, a highly redolent and sacred symbol of Japan. The prints are known as Fugaku kei, meaning 36 views of Mt, Fuji. In the midst of this collection is Hokusai’s most recognisable print, Great Wave Off Kanagawa, which is still celebrated to this day and seen at this very exhibition in poster art, t-shirt form and more.

Amongst the paintings, a foreword from Re-Create founder Dr. Shin-Ichi Fukuoka in which he explains why he chose Hokusai’s work to demonstrate his impelling technology. He says of how Hokusai’s unique use of ukiyo-e wood prints (which are known as floating world pictures) stood out and brought the scenes to life. This, he continues, is known as Chikame, the act of the viewer holding the art, feeling and understanding the use of the artists colour and texture. 

It’s not until you go downstairs into the second half of the exhibition that you realise how Dr. Fukuoka has involved Chikame. This part of the exhibition transports you to the pleasure districts of 18th century Tokyo known as Edo. There are no lights except the lanterns you are given to help you guide yourself around which encourages you to look closer to the art. The work is split into four sections each sealed off with a black curtain and accompanied with sound to help experience the theme of each area.
All topped off with a projection mapping of ‘Jisei No Ku’ a graphic farewell poem by Hokusai and prints brought to life using 3D, it is clear that ‘Re-Create’ have brought something very modern and original to the table. Whether or not the idea of art being reincarnated appeals to you, this is without a doubt a breakthrough for technology within the art world and something we’re sure to see more of in the future.

Exhibition runs till Sunday 17th Novemebr 2013
Loading Bay Gallery, Dray Walk


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